The name Småfolk is an old Scandinavian word meaning "little people" or "children".
The reason it was chosen as the name of our brand came by it self. In 2004 we had just taken over our new summerhouse, a small country house from 1890, close to the wood and beach. While standing outside enjoying our new house, The next door neighbor Vagn came. After a little while he looked down in the pram, where 4 months old Thore were lying and said "Ohh it is so nice to have Småfolk in the area". You all know Thore, he has been in all the catalogues since the beginning.

More or less a year later, the first Småfolk collection was presented on a fair in Copenhagen.
In March 2007 we got our first little Småfolk shop in Holbæk. Today Småfolk employs 18 people full time plus a little more when we are busy. We deliver to app. 600 shops, in 22 countries. Today the little Småfolk shop has been changed to a bigger one and another two has been opened.

At Småfolk we believe in renewal, on being a little different and on the vision about creating a good product. We have four yearly collections, where you every time have lots of new styles, so there are never more than 10 weeks before there are new styles in the shop.

Småfolk is always happy colors, in the best quality. 85% of the collection and nearly 100% of the baby collection is ecotex certified. Småfolks collections are made so they first from collection to collection, so you Småfolk clothes can be mixed med earlier or new collections. We hear again and again from parents, that a certain T-shirt or dress have been the children's favorite – because the children makes stories from the clothes.

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